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COFETEL type approval certificate is mandatory before selling YOUR products in mexico.
Only Mexican companies may receive COFETEL type approvals or electric safety NOM certificates.
The Mexican electric safety NOM certificate is the only legal document accepted in Mexico.

Electric Safety Certification (NOM Certification) :

We also make electric safety tests to obtain NOM certificates.
For any kind of product that has a battery charger, power supply or adapter, electric safety NOM certificate is mandatory. Electric safety NOM certificate will be requested by customs authorities at the moment of importation of the products to Mexico.


All electrical products that use more than 24 volts must have an electric safety NOM certificate. In Mexico we have 4 regulations for electric safety.Some examples of products applying to the different electric safety NOMs are:

NOM001 – external adaptors, monitors, projectors.
NOM003 – household appliances such as irons, electric ovens, electric knives, hair dryers, fans, blenders.
NOM016 – office appliances such as copy machines, printers.
NOM019 – data processing or IT products such as laptops, mouse, keyboards, and any computing device that connects to electricity

For all safety NOM regulations certification it is mandatory to make tests in Mexico. We need just one sample of every different model name and the samples will be returned to you after testing.
Our fee for certifying products on NOM001, NOM016 and NOM019 is $1000 USD per product.

To certify products that apply to NOM003 we need technical information of the product before we can quote, because the variety of products that apply to this NOM is very different. The test procedures and measurement equipment needed to test the products can be very different, too. Safety NOM certificates are valid for one year. Every year we have to go through all the process as if it was the first time that we certify the product.

Safey NOM certificates are valid for 1 year, however all NOM certified products are subject to follow up visit randomly between the sixth and twelveth month. (See Follow up visit section)