COFETEL type approval certificate is mandatory before selling YOUR products in mexico.
Only Mexican companies may receive COFETEL type approvals or electric safety NOM certificates.
The Mexican electric safety NOM certificate is the only legal document accepted in Mexico.

COFETEL Certification for RF and Wireless Products that do not have regulation in Mexico

The Mexican law says that every product that uses a frequency must obtain a Type Approval Certificate. It does not matter that the product is just a receiver. Receivers and transmitters must have a COFETEL Type approval before they can be sold in Mexico.

Products with RF, wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G capabilities (among others) must have an approval granted by the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Commission (COFETEL) even if there is no regulation at present for them. In order to know which products have regulation in Mexico and the procedure to certify them please review the COFETEL certification for telecommunications and wireless products with regulation in Mexico Section.

At present, as there is no regulation for these kinds of products, it is not necessary to make in country tests for them. In order to obtain a COFETEL Type Approval, it is just necessary to submit an application document together with a technical document that must be signed by an engineer accredited by COFETEL called Perito (telecommunications specialist).

All the engineers in our company are accredited by COFETEL as Peritos and are able to sign technical documents to obtain Type Approval certificates. We prepare all the necessary documents to submit the application for your product certification to COFETEL. We just need you to provide us the user manual and technical specifications of the product such as Frequency band in which it operates and output power.

The lead time to obtain an RF certificate is 7 to 8 weeks after we submit the application and technical documents to COFETEL.