COFETEL type approval certificate is mandatory before selling YOUR products in mexico.
Only Mexican companies may receive COFETEL type approvals or electric safety NOM certificates.
The Mexican electric safety NOM certificate is the only legal document accepted in Mexico.

COFETEL Certification for Telecommunications and Wireless Products that have regulation in Mexico

There are mandatory regulations for some wireless and telecommunications products.


In Mexico we have the following regulations for telecommunications products:

NOM-151-SCT1-1999 - applies to analog telecom equipment such as home phones, modems, routers with POTS interface, FXO interface and any product that connects to PSTN
NOM-152-SCT1-1999 – applies to digital telecom equipment such as routers with E1 interface
NOM-083-SCT1-2002 – applies to paging equipment, UHF and  VHF
NOM-084-SCT1-2002 –  applies to trunking equipment
NOM-088/1-SCT1-2002 –  applies to microwave equipment 2400 GHz
NOM-088/2-SCT1-2002 –  applies to microwave equipment  7, 10.5, 15, 23, 38 GHz

To certify these products in country testing is mandatory. So we need one sample of the product and user manual in Spanish. In order to obtain a COFETEL regulation certificate, all the documents submitted to COFETEL must be in Spanish. If you do not have manuals and information in Spanish we can provide translation services. (See Technical Translations Section)

The Lead time to obtain a COFETEL certificate for a product with regulation is 6 weeks after we receive the sample.

COFETEL regulation certificates are valid permanently, however all telecom certified products are subject to follow up visit randomly every two years at most. (See Follow up visit section)